Code of good behaviour

The code of good behaviour outlines briefly the rules and procedures, which should be observed by all players.  Adherence to the code should ensure that everyone will enjoy his/her involvement with the Loughmore/Castleiney GAA Club.  The rules are as follows:


  • Mutual respect, courtesy and honesty are required of everyone in the Club.
  • All players must be registered as members of the Club, on an annual basis.
  • Players must show respect for their team-mates, coaches, Club officials, parents, guardians, visitors and opponents.
  • All members must respect Club property and should have regard for their own and the personal belongings of others
  • Loitering around the outside of the Club premises, pavilion and car park so as to cause offence to other members or the public, at any time is forbidden.
  • Absolutely no hurling and ball playing is allowed near the pavilion at any time.
  • Members are expected to show the highest standards of behaviour at all times. Crude or offensive language or racist comments are not acceptable.
  • Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Members act as ambassadors for the Club and should behave accordingly on all occasions, especially on away trips.

Playing Code

  • All players must play at all times by the spirit and rules of hurling and football.
  • The reasons for playing are to improve your skills, enjoy yourself, to have fun.
  • All players are required to wear full-face guard hurling helmets, at all times. This is now compulsory.
  • No photographic equipment (including picture mobile phones) is allowed in the dressing rooms.
  • All players must practice self-discipline, respect opponents and never argue with the referee’s decisions.
  • Be committed – but fair and play the ball at all times.
  • After the match, shake hands with your opponents; thank the referee, compliment team mates and thank your coaches.

When you win do so with humility – when you lose do so with dignity.
Remember you cannot win all the time.